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Ask Adagio: How Long Does An Open Bottle Of Wine Last?v

In the Tasting Room at Adagio, people come to enjoy the special North Carolina wines we have worked hard to cultivate and produce. We love to share our knowledge with others and we often hear the wine-related questions that people most want to know. Questions come in all varieties and touch on all aspects of wine-making, pouring, and drinking. One question that people often wonder about is, “How long does an open bottle of wine last?”

Our answer is that a bottle of Adagio wine never lasts long when being shared among good friends, but it is sure to be enjoyed! However, to more fully answer this common question, here is a guide to the lifespan of wine once the bottle has been opened:

Light white wines, sweet whites, and rosé wines: These wines have a lifespan to 5-7 days when kept in the refrigerator with a cork.

Full-bodied white wines: Oaked Chardonnay and other wines with a lower acidity level will lose their fine qualities faster than their lighter white wine counterparts. These wines will only keep for 3-5 days, and should always be stored in the refrigerator with a cork after opening.

Red wines: Red wines prefer a chilly or dark resting spot once they’ve been opened to preserve their taste. How long these wines will keep for depends on their specific level of tannin and acidity. Lighter red wines will be less stable than a more complex red wine. Keep opened bottles in a chiller, a dark, cool spot, or in the refrigerator.

Sparkling wines: Due to the carbonation found in sparkling wines, you’ll need to drink these quickly to enjoy their effervescent nature. Sparkling wines will last 1-3 days in the fridge – but will only keep their bubbly nature if you use a sparkling wine stopper.
The easiest way to make sure that wine is palate-ready is to uncork it when you’re ready to drink it! At Adagio Vineyards, we can make sure that your wine rack is properly filled for any occasion with the finest North Carolina wines. Visit us in the Tasting Room to find your favorites, then bring our bottles home with you. And while you’re here – ask us the wine questions you’ve always wanted to know!
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