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The Beauty Of The Land

The main vineyard is less than a mile away from the tasting room at an elevation of 1300 ft. The property is 45 acres with woods and bordered by Grassy Creek which separates the property from our neighbor winery Grassy Creek on the east and south borders. There are 6 acres of grapes, growing two red varietals, Merlot and Arandell and two white varietals, Chardonnay and Traminette. A 3/4 acre vineyard surrounds the Winery, growing Cabernet Franc. Arandell is a French American hybrid grape with parentage from Pinot Noir, which produces a beautifully colored wine with intense fruit  flavor.  Traminette is aIso a French American hybrid which comes from guwurtztraminer, producing a bright wine with a floral nose. The hybrid varietals are very climate hearty and known for their disease resistance, and tend to adapt quickly to our environment. In addition there is an acre of plum and pear trees for fruit to sample at the tasting room. Though guided tours are not routinely provided, we will gladly supply directions for self guided tours at the tasting room.