Adagio is a musical term which means performed slowly with passion, words which apply to the growing, making and enjoyment of wine, violins and music. We named the vineyard and winery Adagio to share our passions our passions for classical music and wine. The tasting room reflects both our passions, experiencing fine wines and as a showcase for Jan’s violins and violin making. Here guests can experience fine wine, music and explore the process of creating hand made violins, a true artisan process. At Adagio, we want to create an environment of passionate discovery for our guests. Unlike other wineries, we love to give tours of the winemaking process!

Days and hours are seasonal, currently our hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday 12-5, Sunday 1-5. Phone 336-258-2333

The Owners

Dr. Tim and Dr. Jan Wahl are both dentists. Tim has a certificate in Winemaking from The University of California at Davis and is a member of the Guild of Sommeliers. Jan is a classical violinist, having played for the Brevard Symphony Orchestra in Melbourne Florida for 25 years, and a violin maker having studied under German master the late Karl Roy at the University of New Hampshire.

The History

The concept which was to become Adagio Vineyards started in 2006 with clearing the land, creating roads and planting the fescue cover crop. The rolling topography was both essential and ideal for a vineyard. The first grapes were planted in the spring of 2009 and a second planting in spring of 2012. The winery/tasting room was built in time for the 2013 harvest and we opened to the public in May of 2014. Two back to back frigid winters detroyed most of the newer planted Chardonnay and replantings continue each year. It generally takes at least three years to establish enough growth of the vine to support cluster development. Weather issues are a constant worry, a late spring freeze can kill early shoot growth, too much rain can result in mold/ mildew and berry loss. Ideally, a cool wet spring followed by a hot dry summer is what we want.